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Concrete Mesh Furniture

This project aimed to redevelop the space of telephone booths within the city. Replacing it with structures that serve greater purpose. The design was to create a space mutually for adults and kids, where users could share multi-purpose activities within the structure as well as undefined spaces for creative utilisation. The work was composed of two parts: the concrete chair and the free-form metal mesh. The initial design was inspired by the mobius strip, which creates a continuous structure that flows along the space. Later on, the curvatures of the initial chair design was extracted, joining the free-form shape that was designed through imagining  the form of a wave hitting on a rock. The structures could provide spaces for sitting, laying down, shelter, hangers, standing desks and sitting desks, as well as poles and tunnels for kids as playgrounds. The furniture itself is experimented with different scales, details and materials. In general the project constructed two 1:200, 1:50 scaled modelling, then quickly  switched to an actual 1:1 prototype. The heaviness and unbearable aftereffects of using concrete have certainly be a noted disadvantage for further improvement, and the project is looking forward for its next phase.

Project by Bvyn

Year: Fall Winter 19

Location: Unknown

Program: Street Furniture

Material: Concrete (Cement: Sand), Metal Mesh, woods and pillars (negative)

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