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What is the necessity in defining gender-based design in today's world?

There's a time when glam and glitter were prevalent, a time where boys and girls were meant to be treated the same, a time who Ziggy Stardust was ruling over the world. These groups of fanboys and girls have helped shape the definition of equality, and that there's nothing wrong to put on a see-through catsuit over masculine bodies. 

As if Dries Van Noten and Jean Paul Gaultier have been challenging its ambiguity, this project questions the modernity of a foundational queer: a jacket, or spacesuit, that is designed under the modernist theory. Just like Eisenman's lack of obligations to function in architecture, the garment is presented superficially by its french curves and exposed side waists. The openings of the jacket creates false definitions to the body that is then balanced by the fluid cuts and seams.

Glamour does not lies within an extravagant piece of colourful palette or catchy jewelleries. The idea of glamour is within the spirit and soul, a fascination to elegance and beauty, and the determination to an ambitious dream. 

Project by Bvyn

Year: Spring Summer 19

Type: Jacket/ Outwear

Material:  80% Sateen 20% Organza

Runway location: CSM, 1 Granary, London

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