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Duration: 1 min 18 s



The project aimed to re-imagine the concept of the brutal aesthetics. As a designer that highly relates architecture to fashion, as well as holding lectures in the Architectural Association School of Architecture, Samuel Ross often references Bauhaus and Brutalism in his collections. This sets of photos are shot at the Innovation Tower by Zaha Hadid. It’s an uneven concrete facade, curvilinearity and continuous edgeless envelope creates an intangible sense of immersion in space, that seemingly relates to the mindset of brutalism. The model was worn with Heather Grey Wall structural top, technical stripping pants, and the A Cold Wall Zoom Vomero 5.


The photos emphasised a brutal-minded concept through the roughness of the body (Figure), along with a paranoia-inspired vision (Figure) and finally, a low angle shot that highly emphasised the sense of immersion. The project resembles the relationship between human and form, as well as the relationship fashion and architecture.

Project by 2shxt

Year: Fall Winter 18

Set: Poly U Innovation Tower

Styling: 2shxt

Model: 2shxt

DP:  Bvyn

Editor: Bvyn

Assist: Roy  r.8520812

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