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Designer (Environment, Clothing, Moving Image)

21. Hong Kong Based.














Teaching/ Working

Zone 5 Sham Shui Po Ltd Founder. 2019Dec-Present LINK HERE

M+ Museum Guide East/ South galleries on architecture at large. 2021Jul-Present LINK HERE

Dissidents Among Dissidents (Dissident Studio, DAD) co-Founder. 2021Oct-Present LINK HERE

Visiting Artist/ St Joseph's College Explorative Architecture Workshops. 2021Oct-Dec

DeTour Design Festival Use(ful)ness Workshop Modernology Workshops. 2021Oct-Dec LINK HERE

Land + Civilisation Compositions Landscape + Urban Designer2020Jun-Sept; 2021Nov-2022Jan LINK HERE   

Research Assistant/ HKU Dept.PPA Publications & Multimedia. 2022Mar-Present LINK HERE                                                                                                                       




MIT SA+P SMArchS Architecture and Urbanism  2022 Mar Admitted; Sept Commence LINK HERE

HKU FoA Div. LA BA(Landscape) 2018Sept-2022Aug LINK HERE

UAL CSM Menswear Design (Short) 2019Jun-Aug LINK HERE 



Honours/ Grants

Dean's Honour List HKU Faculty of Architecture 2019/20; 2020/21

TDLEG Grant HKU FoA TD&L Enhancement Grant 2021 Recipient  LINK HERE


URFP Fellow Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme 2021/22 Session LINK HERE

Climate Action Recognition Scheme (CARS) HK SDG Hub, Semi-Final/ considered at HKSTP scheme LINK HERE

Graduate Fellowship MIT SA+P Tuition and Stipend Fellowship.


Editorial's Pick Non-Architecture Axonometric Battle 2021 LINK HERE

Honourable Mention Anthology Festival 2021 Mapping Out Community LINK HERE

Finalist Non-Architecture Award 2021 (urban Category) LINK HERE

Honourable Mention Non-Architecture Community 2050 Shenzhen Site "DREAMfree" LINK HERE

Editorial's Pick Non-Architecture Community 2050 Amsterdam Site "freeDAM" LINK HERE


Publication/ Interviews

Between Life REBEL Magazine. Berlin: LINK HERE

20/21 Year Book HKU Div. LA Annual Yearbook Publication: LINK HERE

Autonomous Architecture RAC Studio Extracted (Trans. KooZ/Arch; a few other relevant sources): LINK HERE

To Agonize: The Free Market Manifesto KooZ/Arch Interview: LINK HERE

Participatory Waste Management KooZ/Arch Interview: LINK HERE

19/20 Year Book HKU Div. LA Annual Yearbook Publication: LINK HERE



Tools/ Softwares

Adobe PS, AI, PR, AE, LR, ID

Autodesk, Blender Rhino, SketchUp CAD 2D 3D

Vray, Enscape, Cycles, Lumion Render

Grasshopper,, Python Coding

ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, QGIS Geographic Information System


Ableton, Audacity, Serato, Pioneer DJ Sound Production


CLO3D, Cut, Sew, Film, Edit Soft Miscellaneous     


Spatial, Architectural, Landscape

Participatory Refuse Management System, SK, Hong Kong LINK HERE

Masterplan in 50 years: Open City, SKM, Hong Kong 

Pseudo-Anarchy, Agonism & Informal Economy, SKM, Hong Kong

To Agonize: The Free Market Manifesto, SKM, Hong Kong LINK HERE

Babylon Express,  PO 

Memorial: 4, BEY, Lebanon

Prosperous Intergenerational Playscape, YTM, Hong Kong

Voyeur and Voyage, Mt. Davis, Hong Kong

Tectonic Acts, NA

Atelier, Picasso, LFS' HKU, Hong Kong 

Smashed, NA

+ more...(more since 2021)

Gender(work)wear Type 1

Moving Images

RetroFuturism in American 70s Country

.Odyssey: Post Pandemic Cityscape

Series 003

Hierarchy: Sarcasm of Art and Fashion Part 1 (Intro)


Human. Form. Structure

Buffaloed Obligations: 義務

Z5SSP and 4.15 Fashion Look Books and Podcasts in YouTube

+ more...(more since 2021)


Image of the City through dressing, role-playing and mimicking in post-modern Hong Kong

City Image Role Playing: Sham Shui Po, Central & Western

Fragmented networks and sociopolitical injustice in Shek Kip Mei Wet Market

Superstudio: Theoretical Unity as a response to Sociopolitical in The Continuous Monument

Avian Habitat Fragmentation Assessment: redundancy of dispersal paths and least cost path with possible environmental corridors

Monuments: Towards a Binary Thinking of Time, Place and Mind

Hydrological systems in Port Shelter and Sai Kung Town

Time Scale in Anthropocene and Nature

Eatery: Paradigmatic Adaptation Towards a Post-Colonial Identity

Deleuze Cinema II Time-Image: Class-divided Society in Burning and Love Unto Waste

Infernal Affairs: Critical Film Podcast Analysis



Bryan Bvyn Wong

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