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Our work ranges from styling, directing, to designing and filming.

"This is very precisely a culture of disappearance because it is a culture whose appearance is accompanied by a sense of the imminence of its disappearance, and the cause of its emergence - 1997 - may also be the cause of its demise... The way ahead was never toward independence, but always toward hyper dependency. To call Hong Kong a colony is hardly a misrepresentation, it merely leaves out how dependency has been turned into a fine art."

- Abbas, Ackbar. 1997. Hong Kong: Culture and the politics of disappearance.

“part of the meaning of colonialism in Hong Kong is that the city can neither identify nor break with the past. Neither continuity nor discontinuity is available, only an appearance of continuity that is already discontinuous"

- Kai Chung, Dong. 2012. The Archaeology of an imaginary City.

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