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Head of a woman (Fernande)

"Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working."

Pablo Picasso was the most prolific artist in the world comprising of over 50,000 completed works. The Cubism Pioneer was a sedulous. He was unstoppable and there was no limit to his creation. If he were alive today, his style had soon transcends beyond what we could imagine. His work of art are in all forms and in all shapes/ expressions. Undoubtedly, he spend more than half of his life in studios, but the rest with women. The studios were dense and compact, it should be, but it should be more. The ATELIER is meant to be an upgrade for Picasso and his lovers. 

Every act of creation if first of all an act of destruction. In surreal, the destruction, is the creation. 

Stairs were only destroyed to reveal the ramps. Buildings were only demolished to reveal the contour. The contours were only projected to shape a curly bridge. The bridge was only inclined to introduce a gallery below the shelter. Then, the bridge is only landed to lead another bridge to the top of the mountain. An intervention only joins between the bridges to recreate a living space below. A flux of continuity creates an inevitable linkage throughout the site. In front of the free ground stands a metallic covering; an open-air studio, with a head-space merely allows Picasso to stand comfortably, is introduced. Sliding glass panels are surrounded by plastic bars. Shimmering glows created by the delirious reflections of metal and glass lights up the site from shades and darkness. Atelier reimagines a studio for Picasso in a contemporary context and is privately owned by the Picasso foundation. However, it could be opened publicly as event and exhibitions were set.


Project by Bvyn

Year: Fall Winter 19

Location: Lung Fu Shan Edu. Centre, HKU

Program: Landscape Architecture

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